Hoops & Yoyo

Hoops & Yoyo
If iS PrIvAtE, wHy HoOpS aNd YoYo ArE LoOkInG?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Secret Agents

SeCrEt AgEnTs ... HoOpS aNd YoYo ArE sEcReT aGeNtS iN mY dReAmS

Once upon a time, Hoops and Yoyo. Hoops and Yoyo were rich. They are secret agents and they discovered everything. One day Hoops make a disaster. She entered to Yoyo's house, because she don't know that was Yoyo's house. When she go to Yoyo's room he has too many plushes. Hoops think , and she say: Why i'm investigating a house? I never do that... When she go to the bathroom she found toys in the shower , and one of them say when u shake it : i love you Yoyo , I love when u discover things, you are a great super agent, with your BFF Hoops. ANd Hoops say : This is Yoyo's house!!! , look at my house next to him!!! Yoyo was discovered things in Hoops house. Yoyo say this is Hoops House!!! They discovered them are discovered things in her and him houses...

Hoops & Yoyo Story

When hoops and yoyo were poor they eat that purple thing

Long time ago existed Hoops and yoyo. They traveled a lot and liked to do e-cards. One day they had no special role to make e-cards, as they were poor they had no money to buy the special paper. They began to cry and his friend who was rich Piddles was looking. Piddles said: Hahaha! What fools they are. Why are they crying? They have no money? Well I will not give any money ... always asking for money and never give me nothing. Only they gave me this crown that I have. Piddles was not only rich, but also a king. Hoops hear hear everything Piddles said. Hoops told Yoyo : Piddles is an egotist. He said we never gave him anything. We gave him the crown that cost 11,201. We saved that money one year to give him that crown. That idiot is Piddles, who said it. Piddles was nervous and entered the house and said Hoops and Yoyo: What happened to you? I hear you crying Hoops. Hoops told Piddles : you do not mind you are a hypocrite with your friends. If you want to be our friends, be normal, as the poor people who live here. Piddles said: Okay. And from that day Hoops, Yoyo and Piddles were friends. (Story invented by me)

Hoops and Yoyo International Post

They are in Russia... how funny!

They international Post


Are you ready for some super-sized fun, baby? 'cause that's just what you're gonna get when you get up close and personal with hoops&yoyo. this dynamic little pink kitty & green bunny duo do fun like there's no tomorrow. and there's nothing they like better than passing it on to YOU!!!

Hoops & Yoyo
stay busy, busy, busy making e-cards, showing off photos sent in by all their friends, and talking bob into buying them just one more cup of coffee! (and then another…and another…and…you get the idea.)

Hey, they're hoping YOU will be one of their new best friends!! c'mon, let's have fun TOGETHER!!
Read this information. because they busy ,busy, busy making e-cards!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hoops and Yoyo Animations!

Hoops and Yoyo have animations. I have 4 on www.hoopsandyoyo.com. Their names are: Twinkly little fancy-dance. The second is Born to dance happy DanceParty. The 3 is : Crazy hip-hop donut, and the 4 is Totally Twisted Mover-and shaker. They are soooooooo fun because you can put your on moves and your own music. Is just news.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hoops & Yoyo

Hoops and Yoyo are a funny little characters. Hoops is the little pink character and Yoyo is the funny litle green character. Hoops and Yoyo ave a little BLUE friend. His name is : Piddles. Is a little funny blue guy who help hoops and yoyo. I love www.hoopsandyoyo.com/ because you can create your owns animations and listen animations. I discover Hoops and Yoyo because my mom gifted me a ANIMATION. That animation was sooo cool because say : BFF BFF BFF!!!! What mean BFF ? That means Best Friends For Ever Oh my godness! I love Hoops because is pink and pink is my favorite color. Well I love Yoyo but is like a boy, and I not a boy. I love it thats so cool, enter to the link and discover the animations and Hoops & Yoyo world. OOHH Sprinkles is the litte character , who appear in the start of the post. The little blue guy. I have another blog , the name is : Thi fan of LBP. LBP is a playstation game. Returning in to the information try the link and have fun. Ejoy this information!